Non Governmental Organization «Association for the Defense of the Rights of People with Disabilities in Ukraine»

Disability is not a sentence

«The Association for the Protection of the Rights of People with Disabilities in Ukraine was created with the aim of destroying the barriers created by society for people with disabilities. We strive for the integration of people with disabilities into the full life of society. A person with a disability is an ordinary person who dreams, has his weaknesses, but at the same time is strong and steadfast, a person who has his own unique character, like all of us. Every Ukrainian is a part of society, we must unite, because as you know, the strength of the nation is in unity»
President of the Association, Yan Gladkyi

We have been working since 2020

The NGO ADRPDU has a Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation Center in its structure. The Center's activities are aimed at providing free psychological and physical rehabilitation to veterans, people disabled as a result of the war, and people with disabilities.

Psychological rehabilitation is provided by psychologists, psychotherapists, our partners PO «Association of Mental Health and Development in Ukraine» under the leadership of Halyna Gladka.

The best rehabilitation doctors and psychotherapists work in our Center.


Building a barrier-free environment of equal opportunities through the integration of people with disabilities into public life.

Our Goal

We are working on opening branches of the Center for Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation in 11 cities of Ukraine, we are open to any kind of cooperation and partnership for the implementation of the project.

Actively supports people with disabilities

The Center for Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation conducts active educational activities. You can learn a lot of interesting things at Halyna Gladka's webinars.

Coaches of our Center train psychologists who want to improve their qualifications and understand the algorithm of work with post-traumatic stress disorder.

NGO ADRPDU carries out active social work

We provide social services to people with disabilities, you can get consultations from a child psychologist, family psychologist, psychotherapist, we provide social support for people with disabilities, help teenagers choose an educational institution and accompany them during adaptation to new living conditions.

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